GAIA FLORA / the mother goddess of earth.  


Gaia Flora is a Sydney local based floral design studio that was established in 2020. Specialising in weddings, events + corporate, we pride ourselves on crafting curated dream events that capture the essence of your unique vision.

Our passion lies in creating bespoke floral arrangements that reflect your individual style and preferences. From timeless classics to avant-garde masterpieces, our designs are tailored to suit the ambiance you envision.

Our team of experienced floral designers and stylists are dedicated to providing exceptional service from concept to execution. We collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring that every detail is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.

At Gaia Flora, we understand the importance of every detail in creating unforgettable memories. Let us turn your dreams into reality, weaving the magic of flowers into the tapestry of your most cherished moments. 


  how we began..


Gaia Flora was founded by a girl who's home was always filled with luscious blooms. She loved how one single flower could tell a story, allow you to feel a certain emotion, or remind you of a special time in your life. It lifted her energy every morning when she woke and filled her heart with love and joy. She felt as if she were in her own secret garden. That is when she knew exactly what she wanted to do, and that she wanted to share this feeling with others too.  

That is how Gaia Flora came to life. In greek mythology Gaia is the Goddess of Earth. She is the ancestral mother of all life.


 Where nature's grace meets artistic bloom, creating moments that resonate with the timeless essence of Gaia.