What if I misspelled, gave misleading or incorrect delivery information?  If your items fail to be delivered, they will be returned to Gaia Flora and the additional courier fee will be passed on to you. We will then need to organise delivery again at another additional charge.


When is the latest to make an order?  You must submit your order by 12pm to have your delivery sent out for the following day. 


 Do you deliver on Weekends or Public Holidays? No we do not deliver on weekends or public holidays, only Tuesday to Friday. However will make the exception for Valentines Day or Mothers Day.


What time will my order be sent?  Our delivery service is between 11am and 4pm. However for Valentines Day or Mothers Day Pre-orders, we will be delivering from 9am - 4pm.


Where do you deliver to?  We deliver in the Sydney Region Only. Please click here to see if your postcode falls within our delivery radius.


What if the recipient is not home?  If the Recipient is not home, we will call the recipient and leave the flower arrangement in a safe place. If it is a gift wrapped bouquet, the stems are wet wrapped. If in a vase, stems are placed in a water filled foam. Both arrangements will stay hydrated. If it is an apartment building, we unfortunately will not be able to leave the flower arrangement, so we will have to bring it back with us and arrange to re deliver with an additional cost.


Can I request specific flowers for my arrangement?  We will do the best we can to arrange your bunch with your specific requests, however due to the nature of the floral industry, it isn't always possible to get exactly what you like due to market supply as well as seasonal flowers that won't be available at a certain time of the year. Due to COVID, there is also a limited choice in flowers as the floral industry has also been affected by this.


Do you offer event flowers?  We sure do! Head over to our Event page to fill out a form. 


How do I care for my fresh flowers?  Cut stems on an angle before placing in water

Put your flowers into a clean vase with fresh water

Ensure all stems are below water level and remove any leaves that are in water

Every two to three days, change the water, clean vase and re-cut stems

If your arrangement is in floral foam, always make sure it is moist

If it is dry, pour a small amount of water to re-hydrate

Keep away from heat, direct sunlight, air conditioning and fans


How do I care for my dried flowers?

Dried Flowers do not need water, this will make them weak and mouldy

Overtime, dried flowers fade in colour, but to slow the fade, avoid direct sunlight